Funcionalidade age comunicacao conjugal em diferentes etapas create ciclo de vida

Funcionalidade age comunicacao conjugal em diferentes etapas create ciclo de vida

R., Fernandes, C

5) Interaction Questionnaire ( Luz Mosmann, 2018 Luz, S. K., Mosmann, C. P. (2018). Revista da SPAGESP, 19(1), 21-34. Recuperado de lng=pttlng=pt ): It is a survey comprising 15 affairs split up into one or two points. The original enjoys nine items that evaluate negative communications and the 2nd features half a dozen products that evaluate discover correspondence. New participants marked its answers into the a Likert measure regarding 7 products ranging from “perhaps not applicable” in order to seven “extremely relevant”, how for each report represents just how its relationship spouses share. Regarding investigation to the Brazilian adaptation of scale, Cronbach’s Alpha are found to be 0.74 having negative interaction and 0.70 to own unlock telecommunications ( Luz Mosmann, 2018 Luz, S. K., Mosmann, C. P. (2018). Revista da SPAGESP, 19(1), 21-34. Recuperado de lng=pttlng=pt ). In this data, Cronbach’s Chinese Sites dating apps Leader viewpoints on the negative interaction and you will discover telecommunications items was, correspondingly, 0.86 and you will 0.81 for men and you will 0.83 and 0.83 for women.

6) Changed Dyadic Changes Size ( Hollist ainsi que al., 2012 Hollist, C. S., Falceto, O. G., Ferreira, L. M., Miller, R. B., Springer, P. L. C., Nunes, N. A. (2012). Portuguese translation and you will validation of the Changed Dyadic Modifications Scale. Record out of ily Therapy, 38(1), 348-358. ): The low type of the fresh relationship adjustment measure features 14 activities that compose around three products. The initial you to, consensus, has six products that gauge the amount of arrangement/disagreement anywhere between spouses on additional facts, towards a half a dozen-part Likert measure anywhere between four “i always consent” to zero “we constantly disagree”. The fresh new satisfaction factor have four products which measure the regularity that have hence partners battle, discuss splitting up, one of most other subjects, toward a half a dozen-point Likert level ranging from no “always” to five “never”. The 3rd foundation, cohesion, has four factors to assess the regularity in which partners carry away additional activities together. Factors need to be obtained toward a half dozen-part Likert level ranging from no “never” so you’re able to five “over and over again 24 hours”, except for product eleven that is scored with the a good five-part Likert scale, corresponding to “each day” and you will “never”. In the translation and you will recognition to have Brazil, Cronbach’s Leader try seen to be 0.ninety to own total changes, 0.81 into the opinion, 0.85 into pleasure and 0.80 on the cohesion facts. Contained in this investigation, Cronbach’s Alpha philosophy to own full improvement therefore the opinion, pleasure and cohesion activities, was indeed 0.84, 0.77, 0.78 and you will 0.80, respectively, for men and you will 0.87, 0.72, 0.83 and you will 0.82 for females.


Studies collection occurred in town out-of Porto Alegre, metropolitan region and you will metropolises and metropolitan areas in the country side of condition of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on shot to-be heterogeneous. The brand new in control specialist contacted the participants via mobile, messaging apps and you will elizabeth-mail, owing to somebody just who these individuals already knew, places of worship and you will therapy schools, thus, analysis collection to have convenience. In the 1st contact the fresh researcher said new objectives of data, as well as the threats and masters active in the contribution. If for example the people are curious and you will available for an interview, twenty four hours and you can big date is booked to have analysis range during the respondent’s preferred area, and therefore varied ranging from the domiciles and practices. The method took typically 60 minutes and you can in it discovering aloud the brand new Advised Consent Title, clarifying doubts, signing new Advised Agree Identity in 2 hard copies, you to definitely to the fellow member and something to your researcher which kept brand new document from inside the an envelope. split off their other product, to get rid of pinpointing the latest respondent of the signed identity sheet and you may completing the study questionnaire.

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